CUGOS is organized as an IRS 501(c)(6), not for profit, state wide professional association of Open Source GIS professionals.

Cascadia Users of Geospatial Open Source (CUGOS) was formed in 2007. CUGOS acts as the Cascadia Chapter of the OSGeo Foundation. We are an active group of members who are passionate about open source software, GIS, and our region. We have members from all walks of life, a large spectrum of business and academia, and active OSGeo members (board members, charter members, and active project participants).


CUGOS is organized for the purpose of recognizing, supporting and encouraging broad professional growth, education, communication, technical development and service to its members and others in the field of Open Source Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). CUGOS provides broad support, encouragement and recognition for government, academic, and private development and dissemination of accurate and complete spatial data, relevant software, and geospatial products. CUGOS welcomes and supports participation from the public and private sector equally.

Please have a look at our Code of Conduct.


Started in February 2007, CUGOS has quickly grown from a core of three founders to a mailing list of over 450 members. CUGOS has held monthly meetings since inception and is active in local, regional and international FOSS GIS activities. In its second year the group has started to branch out into other activities such as hosting code sprints and actively working toward hosting a regional FOSS4G mini-conference.


Current CUGOS board

Elected in the monthly CUGOS meeting on January 18th 2023 and board positions determined. Short initial board meeting the same day

  • President - Karsten Vennemann
  • Vice President - Matt Stevenson
  • Secretary - Qingyue Li
  • Treasurer - Ranek Kiil

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P.O. Box 1614
Langley, WA 98260

Code of Conduct

CUGOS strives to be an inclusive community for anyone interested in open source geography. Before attending our meetings, please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct.