Board Meeting - 28 Feb 2021

Attendees: Ariel Kadouri, Jacob Lesser, Ranek Kiil, Johnny Kemp
Location: Zoom (Virtual)
Time: 6:00pm


  • Board roles
  • Transfer accounts to treasurer
  • Get debit card
  • Setup auto payments for AWS / meetup / other services
  • Taxes / File 990
  • Review Bylaws and make changes as necessary

Board roles

The board members agreed to postpone selecting roles for a future meeting, as Kate von Krusensteirn as unable to attend this meeting.

Action items

  • Johnny and Ranek will reach out to Ryan Smalls to transfer bank account to future treasurer
  • Open a debit card from that back account and add SASS services (AWS, Tax Software, Meetup)
  • Update to forward to new board members
  • Review bylaws for next board meeting to determine any appropriate changes
  • Meetup costs about $350 a year, reach out to Seattle OSM, QGIS, and Maptime to determine if it should be kept up

Discussion points

  • 990 filed for 2020 but issue with processor keeps sending us notices.
  • Considering events for late 2021, will checkback in a couple months
  • Recruiting speakers
  • Moving over additional CUGOS member projects (bboxfinder?)

Code of Conduct

CUGOS strives to be an inclusive community for anyone interested in open source geography. Before attending our meetings, please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct.


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