Board Meeting - 11 Mar 2024

Attendees: Christy Heaton, Matt Stevenson, Ranek Kiil, Karsten Vennemann, Nat Henry, Ben Silver, Keenan Ganz, Qingyue Li
Location: Online
Time: 4:00pm to 4:45pm


  • Vote on the board positions (to determine board roles)
  • Vote to add the new treasurer - Nat Henry - to the CUGOS US Bank acount
  • Discussion on potential CUGOS grants and next steps

Board roles

The positions below are unanimously accepted in our vote:

  • Karsten Vennemann - President
  • Christy Heaton - Vice President
  • Keenan Ganz - Secretary
  • Nat Henry - Treasurer

Board members at large:

  • Ben Silver
  • Matt Stevenson
  • Ranek Kiil
  • Qingyue Li


  • The board voted unanimously to add Nat Henry to the CUGOS bank account at US bank
  • In reagards to the discussion on potential CUGOS grants: Matt Stevenson will create a slide about options we might consider for a CUGOS grant and will present at our next monthly CUGOS meeting. We will put the best options out as a vote for the CUGOS community afterwards to help us decide which route to take.

Code of Conduct

CUGOS strives to be an inclusive community for anyone interested in open source geography. Before attending our meetings, please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct.


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