Board Meeting - 09 Feb 2022

Attendees: Ariel Kadouri, Brendan Farrell, Matt Stevenson, Ranek Kiil, Karsten Vennemann
Location: Zoom (Virtual)
Time: 6:00pm


  • Vote on filling 4th board position not filled in last CUGOS meeting (on January 19th 2022)
  • Determine Board roles
  • Old board members (Ariel and Ranek) to inform new ones on CUGOS accounts memberships etc.
  • Transfer bank account to treasurer
  • Discuss future plans for CUGOS: Bring meetings back in-person, organize spring fling

Vote on filling 4th board position

Ranek nominated Matt Stevenson to be added to the CUGOS board; Karsten seconded, Brendan voted yes; Matt Stevenson is now oficially an interim board member.

Board roles

The positions below are unanimously accepted in our vote:

  • Karsten Vennemann - President
  • Matt Stevenson - Vice President
  • Ranek Kiil - Treasurer
  • Brendan Farrell - Secretary

Action items

  • Transfer all CUGOS related account information to new board: Karsten to get gmail account AWS and a Google Drive info from Ariel, find out who has Github account info
  • Get US Bank info and add Ryan to account (ask Ryan Small)

Discussion points

  • Karsten asked about IRS and non-profit status, Ranek said that stuff for 2020 was done; but we should have stuff for 2021 to file
  • General discussion about speakers for the upcoming meeting, and when/where we might hold an in person meeting; Karsten will look into finding a room for in person meeting
  • The February meeting will be completely online, the March meeting will be in person if possible
  • Karsten suggested reaching out to the membership, and ask them to add topics they’re interested in, or suggest speakers, or types of speakers we should seek out–3 differnet things! For example “I’d like to hear more about using R for geospatial” or “i’d like to integrate Python with R” so we find out what people want to learn about, or which people. How do we solicit suggestions? Brendan suggested using Google Forms
  • Karsten suggested putting pieces in place for a Fall Fling

Code of Conduct

CUGOS strives to be an inclusive community for anyone interested in open source geography. Before attending our meetings, please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct.


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