Board Meeting - 13 Feb 2017

Attendees: Sam Matthews, Ryan Small, Debbie Bull, Andrew Powers, Aaron Racicot
Location: Remote (Google Hangout)
Time: 3pm


  • Ryan purchased a projector - yay! Go Ryan!
  • Cover last meeting’s “next tasks” - done!
  • USBank transfer
  • Upcoming meeting
  • Spring Fling

USBank Transfer

  • Aaron (current signer of the CUGOS USBank account) explains what is necessary for us to add Ryan Small (treasurer) as a signer on the account
  • We need a document (meeting notes) signed by the board indicating Ryan Small was elected treasurer on 01/11/2017 date and that he is authorized to access the bank account
  • The plan is to print out board meeting notes from 01/11/2017 and having the board sign. Sam to coordinate.
  • MOTION to add Ryan as signer on the CUGOS bank account, Debbie seconded, passes unanimously
  • Ryan and Aaron will find time to go to the bank together in the next few weeks
  • Aaron has some older materials (invoices, receipts, bank statements/docs) in DropBox. He’ll share that folder and we can continue to use it for that purpose, or move to something else if we choose.

Upcoming meeting (02/15/2017)

  • We’ve had more additions to slack, which is great
  • Agenda is looking a bit thin, some potential topics to reach out for:
    • Drones
    • Micro directions mapping
    • Indoor mapping & directions
  • Andrew is planning on a presentation for the meeting this week to talk about the Spring Fling that lays out how it is coordinated, what a volunteer commitment looks like, and estimated time involved. Goal is to highlight what’s required and get people interested.
  • Happy to have a small meeting with current agenda - more social time is always fun

Spring Fling

  • Format - Andrew mentioned hosting an unconference-style event - we didn’t discuss this.
  • Last year it became obvious that we were pushing the maximum capacity of the facility, which bled over to the afternoon (it was too crowded). Let’s aim for a larger venue.
  • Aiming for a Saturday to be able to use adjacent classrooms for breakouts and sidecars, plus this may open up the option to get the auditorium across the hall
  • How can we get more board members involved? Andrew to present at CUGOS this week
  • Let’s try and get some feedback about the format during the meeting as well
  • Andrew passed on past Spring Fling worksheets and other materials to Debbie

Code of Conduct

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