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Date & time
19 Jun 2019, 6:00pm

University of Washington

Startup Hall, 1100 NE Campus Parkway, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98195

Startup Hall is on the second floor of Condon Hall. The elevator locks at 5 PM. Someone from CUGOS will be there to let you in.

47.656439, -122.315812


@sethvincent will talk about an OpenStreetMap field-mapping app for iOS & Android called Observe.

@dabreegster will show a visualization of trip data from SoundCast and how it improves the realism of A/B Street.

@you Introduce yourself! Or re-introuduce yourself! Please tell us about something cool you are working on

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Event Recap:

@sethvincent Observe is an OSM mobile editor for both android and ios. It works offline, has conflict handling, and is “easy to hack on”. Built using react native, caches data from osm api with quadkey, handles offline tiles via react-native-mapbox-gl’s offline tiles manager. It’s for new & casual mappers, mapping paries, and users with a wide range of tech literacy. Another OSM related project to checkout- Scoreboard, stat tracking for OSM mapping teams.

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