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Date & time
15 May 2019, 6:00pm

University of Washington

Startup Hall, 1100 NE Campus Parkway, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98195

Startup Hall is on the second floor of Condon Hall. The elevator locks at 5 PM. Someone from CUGOS will be there to let you in.

47.656439, -122.315812


@powersa & @akadouri will provide a recap of their recent trip to San Diego, where they ate too many tacos and attended FOSS4G-NA 2019.

Atlas of the PNW: Gareth Baldrica-Franklin of Oregon State University will be discussing the background and creation of the 2018/2019 Atlas of the Pacific Northwest, a project created entirely using open source data, software, and code, and designed for education and use by the geographically curious.

@flott will talk about some tools for downloading data from King County’s GIS Data Hub and doing batch conversions from Esri File Geodatabase to GeoPackage or PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

@dabreegster will give a demo of A/B Street, a traffic simulation game set in Seattle, and describe ongoing work with it.

Clinton Stipek With seagrass populations declining worldwide, more research is needed to understand their population dynamics. This project utilized ArcGIS, R, and python to analyze and create projections for different size-based seagrass populations in a study area adjacent to a major city (Miami) using a landscape approach.

@you Introduce yourself! Or re-introuduce yourself! Please tell us about something cool you are working on

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Meeting notes

Clinton Stipek presented this great story map on his research.

Garteh showed off remotely. The project started in the 1950s as a print publication, and was revived in the last couple years as a webiste. Built using tools like Vue and Leaflet, it brings a modern web-based approach to the regional atlas.

Ariel and Andrew went to FOSS4G-NA and typed up some notes you can find here.

Fred presented the motivations and creation of, a tool for bulk conversion and updating copies of KC GIs open data. It’s a wrapper for ogr2ogr, and supports FileGDB to GeoPackage or PostGIS. The project also includes a list of the 590 public datasets with links to their metadata. Fun feature: being able to download everything, or download by KC themes.

@dabreegster will gave a great demo of A/B Street a traffic simulator built in Rust.

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