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Date & time
20 Nov 2013, 6:00pm


2201 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1102, Seattle WA 98121

If the front doors are locked, call Ryan Small @ 206-395-5541

47.616105, -122.341777

__Location - OneOcean Corporation 2201 Sixth Avenue Suite 1102 Seattle, WA 98121 USA __

If the front doors are locked, call Ryan Small @ 206-395-5541 .

Loose agenda:

  • Ben Joldersma (@bennidhamma) - A former member of the Google Maps Street View team, Ben will give a high-level history of Street View and how WebGL and HTML5 canvas play a role in it today.
  • Aaron Racicot (@aaronr) - Lets talk about
  • Sam Matthews (@vancematthews) - Sam will run through using some cool stuff with and wants to contemplate the adventures of client-side API Key security and build a service that makes it manageable (or possible!).
  • Roger Andre (@lagerratrobe) - Quick update on the OSM Editathon that took place at Tableau in October
  • Greg Corradini (@thebigspoon) - More Cookbooks, Less Foraging: The QGIS community has no current tutorials on building C++ plugins. Let’s build one! and Leaflet WAT?: Mapping WTF(s)
  • Debbie Bull and Paul McCombs - Talk about King County’s address data and update process
  • Mike Rosen - Seattle Tunnel Project is a world-class engineering effort in our own backyard. I’m arranging a tour for the Puget Sound Chapter of ASPRS. Any CUGOSians want to come along?
  • Everyone (@cugos) - Let’s talk about FOSS4G 2014 in PDX and how we can help and what presentations people might do

  • @githubuser description to come…


Meeting Notes:

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