Meeting Info

Date & time
18 Sep 2013, 6:00pm


2201 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1102, Seattle WA 98121

47.616105, -122.341777

__Location - OneOcean Corporation 2201 Sixth Avenue Suite 1102 Seattle, WA 98121 USA __

Loose agenda:

  • @mpgerlek will talk in oblique terms and vague generalities about what OneOcean is working on
  • @cliffordsnow will give us an update on State Of The Map conference and how the Seattle OSM import is going
  • @thebigspoon Let’s talk about the structure and speakers for the Fall Fling Bling
  • @aaronr will go over all the recent progress to get CUGOS paperwork in order (i.e. 501c6 status)
  • @keum will lead us through a discussion on where to hold meetings in the future as we are starting to out grow the LT space (this is a good problem to have!)
  • @powersa will lightning present some lessons about SVG coordinate systems he learned the hard way.


  • @?????? maybe talks about and all the coolness!
  • @mapsam - Maybe give us a rundown on and some of the cool new stuff making the news there.


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