Meeting Info

Date & time
16 Mar 2016, 6:00pm

University of Washington

UW Anderson Hall, Forest Club room 207

It's the room with the elk in it.

47.651737, -122.30754

Loose agenda:

Rather than host a round of speakers this month, the CUGOS community will use this time to hack and plan for upcoming events, particularly the Spring Fling.

Haven’t heard of the Spring Fling? Checkout the event page. If you aren’t involved but would like to be, please show up ready to jump in. We’ll have a variety of tasks available for folks looking for a lot of responsibility, a little responsibility or absolutely no accountability whatsoever.

Hey I had a talk I really wanted to give, what the heck… Our next regular meeting will be held on May 18th. Use the extra time to hone your presentation… Or show up tonight, grab a soap box and start belting.

As always, people are welcome to bring independent projects. Recruit, talk through, work together, keep to yourself. It’s up to you.

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