Meeting Info

Date & time
16 Sep 2015, 6:00pm

University of Washington

UW Anderson Hall, Forest Club room 207

It's the room with the elk in it.

47.651737, -122.30754

Loose agenda:

  • Sarah Battersby will explore the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem (MAUP) and discuss some work she’s doing related to food deserts and how the USDA creates population grids. She’ll then lead a group think session to find a good way to run a Monte Carlo simulation to get a bunch of data.
  • mapsam phones in from the Bay Area to demo the latest developments on! Come learn more about how this tool is redefining “GIS in the browser”.
  • @you tell us about what you’re trying to solve.


Check out Sarah’s slides!

Watch Sam’s presentation on YouTube!

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