2016 CUGOS Board of Directors Election

Time and Place

The 2016 CUGOS Board of Directors election will happen at the CUGOS Annual Business Meeting December 14th. The location will be at the University of Washington - Anderson Hall, Forest Club room 207. The meeting will begin at 6pm.


As defined in section 2 of the CUGOS Bylaws elections will be held for four (4) board postions. After the election (at the first post election board meeting) the newly elected board members will determine which member will serve in each of the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The process for the election is defined in section 9b of the bylaws and will be carried out accordingly. This page will be used to collect the slate of nominees. For this 2016 election the following people comprise the Nominating Committee:

  • Aaron Racicot
  • Peter Keum
  • Allison Bailey

Votes will be taken on December 14th by a quorum of CUGOS members by secret ballot. Each member in good standing present at the meeting will have a slip of paper with one space per board opening and will fill in a single name for each opening. Members are not designating the position for each member, as that will be determined by the board itself as described above. Members may NOT fill in the same name for multiple openings and duplicates will be removed with only a single vote counted if duplicate names are encountered when counting the votes. Members in good standing who can not physically be at the December 14th meeting can cast a ballot by sending an email to election@cugos.org on December 14th indicating one vote per open position from the slate of nominees. A total of four of the nominees can be selected for the board per vote. Only emails received on December 14th and prior to the start of the meeting (6pm Pacific Time) will be counted.

For absentee ballots (email the day of the election) members will be required to supply ‘A statement of current membership’ by indicating their participation in any “annual CUGOS events” as required by the CUGOS bylaws. Examples can be anything from participating in email communication, IRC, CUGOS github projects etc. or any in-person events such as monthly meetings and CUGOS conference events.

Votes will be counted in private by the Nominating Committee on December 14th at the Annual Business Meeting. The election results will be announced before the end of the Annual Business Meeting. The new board will immediately take office upon the announcement of the results.

Nominations (one’s self or by 3rd party) can be mailed to election@cugos.org

Please include with all nominations:

Nomination Statement:


  • Andrew Powers

Statement from nominator - “Andrew is a very welcoming leader and has always shown courtesy and effective leadership of the monthly cugos meetings that I have attended.”

  • Sam Matthews

Statement from nominator - “Sam has updated and maintained CUGOS website with cool features and awesome notes and has been very welcoming new members to the community with very insightful technical help and sharing knowledge.”

  • Ryan Small

Statement from nominator - Ryan enjoys making things happen. When given an organizational role he always comes through and exceeds expectations. I have always appreciated his light-hearted approach to organization, and know he’d be a valuable member of the CUGOS board.

  • Debbie Bull

Statement from nominator - Debbie has always created a welcoming environment at CUGOS. She never hesitates to bring newcomers to the table and is always a source of leveled guidance. With her welcoming presence and connection to the community through King County, Debbie would be an excellent addition to the CUGOS board.

  • More names and statements go here…


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Code of Conduct

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