Meeting Info

Date & time
19 Oct 2022, 6:00pm-7:30pm

Capitol Hill Library Branch

425 Harvard Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98102

Will find a near by bar/pub to socialize after our meeting has concluded ! Sorry no virtual access for this meeting for now, but as promised we will work hard to make this happen in the near future

47.6229, -122.3224

Real in person Meeting !

Karsten Vennemann will talk about map feature styles in QGIS. E.g. how to create a style library, create legend icons/shapes, how to share styles, and will also take a brief look into the QGIS ‘style generator’ awsomeness.

Karsten will also share his experimental work on trying to produce better hillshades for cartography purposes inspired by wanderingcartographer . We can have an open discussion about tools and approaches others are taking for hillshades …

Anyone interested is invited to share (their own or news about any interesting) small or large geospatial projects. As always any geo-questions are encouraged and will gladly be discussed within the group.

We will disucss plans for hosting a Spring Fling (mini conference) event in April 2023, and plan ahead for our next meetings .

@you Introduce yourself! Or re-introduce yourself! Please tell us about something cool you are working on, playing with, or otherwise inspires or puzzles you. Add yourself here. or reach out to us


We had a nice meeting and great social geobeers afterwards. This feels great that after a 2 year hiatus and despite bad air (smoke from wildfires) 10 people showed up for the meeting !

Styles in QGIS

  1. Create a style library and How to share styles

    -> QGIS -> Processing Tools -> “Create style database from project” Tool , results in xml file with all styles in the project that can be imported in style manager

  2. Create legend icons/shapes

    -> QGIS -> Style Manager -> Legend Patch Shapes , can add WKT as legend icon patch in WKT format

  3. QGIS ‘style generator’

    This is a style that can be applied to layers and can generate and alter geometries for visual display

    QGIS projects with data and examples zipped

    Serveral General Purpose Styles - Seattle Tracts Map

    CAD Style dimensions on features

    Halftone Elevation Points World map

Creation of Nicer Hill Shades

Inspired by The Wandering Cartographer based on Raster Chunk Processing

Example commands


python3 -m skymodel -s 1000 -o 200 -p 12 -l lum_turbid.csv --verbose /home/xy/input_dem.tif /home/skymodel_hillshade.tif


python3 -m mdenoise -s 1500 -o 20 -p 12 -n 10 -t 0.6 -v 20 --verbose /home/xy/skymodel_hillshade.tif /home/xy/skymodel_hillshade_denoised.tif


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