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Date & time
20 Mar 2019, 6:00pm

University of Washington

UW Anderson Hall, Forest Club room 207

It's the room with the elk in it.

47.651737, -122.30754


Eldan Goldenberg will demo the Allen Coral Atlas, which uses newly available satellite imagery for coral reef monitoring.

Scott Veirs coordinates the Orcasound hydrophone network. He would like to briefly introduce the Orcamap project which aims to map orca locations in near-real-time to promote the conservation of endangered southern resident killer whales.

Jason Taylor Processing LIDAR data to understand if a proposed building will block a neighboring building’s sun light.

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Meeting notes

Scott Veirs - Orca Map Orca Map is designed to help georeference Orca reports as they come in.

Eldan Goldenberg - Allen Coral Atlas Really great talk. Checkout!

Jason Taylor - Using computers to prove the city has done him wrong. Also fractals!

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