Meeting Info

Date & time
20 Aug 2014, 6:00pm

Hart Crowser, Inc.

1700 Westlake Ave N Suite 200

Enter the lobby by the main entrance and then enter the glass door to your immediate left. Matt will put a sign up on the door and probably be there in person. If the doors are locked after 6:00pm, call 206-473-7691 for entry.

47.63433, -122.339485

Location - Hart Crowser, 1700 Westlake Ave N Suite 200

Loose agenda:

  • @cliffordsnow OpenStreetMap 10th Anniversary Celebration Recap
  • @powersa will talk about the new website and how you can be a part of it!
  • @dandevine will talk about the tooling he used to create the geofencing Android game AdSpore and the bumps on the way
  • Matt Jahn will host a fireside chat about indoor location solutions from around the globe



  • 10th anniversary for OpenStreetMap
  • Thanks to Stamen and Tableau
  • Covered everyday mapping, web mapping, cartography, humanitarian OpenStreetMap, georeferencing
  • people loved the event
  • Is Seattle the next location for State of the Map???
  • The deadline for bids is in October, people sound interested in submitting a proposal
  • initial bid, finding deals, venues, some type of social event, practical organizing on the ground


  • check out the website, edit the website
  • submit issues that you find, then fix them


  • was working on a bacon app but wanted to work on a gps location game
  • founded AdSpore to create massive multi-player game
  • all location based
  • great user response but back-end had issues that needed to be resolved
  • came to CUGOS about two years ago, this his first time back but he took what he learned, and built a spatial database for the back-end to power spatial features in the app
  • got into modeling geo-game engine
  • Craig Miller turned him on to XMPP for real time communication (using OpenFire)
  • instant messenger server that you can plug other servers into, really flexible
  • uses JTS
  • vision: allow people to write plugins to create localized spatial game experiences

###Matt Jahn

  • how accurate is accurate is mobile location on street?
  • how accurate is mobile location indoors?
  • Matt works for an indoor location company that’s tested a lot of different indoor location solutions
  • many solutions rely on in phone sensors, works best when paired with input from wireless networks in building
  • coolest tech: phones utilizes magnetic field map of building to pinpoint location
  • major barrier to innovation caused by hardware and software solutions that apply to small part of ecosystem

###Matt Veenstra

  • works on projects in downtown Seattle that reference the Denny Regrade (removal of hill that used to be just east of Belltown)
  • very few maps exist from that era
  • data used by existing projects is not free
  • geo-referenced historical map of Seattle from 1890s
  • traced contours in QGIS, interpolated for finer elevation profile
  • loaded the data into Google Earth and it looks amazing, office buildings half submerged in glacial till

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