Meeting Info

Date & time
15 Jan 2014, 6:00pm


2201 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1102, Seattle WA 98121

If the front doors are locked, call Ryan Small @ 206-395-5541

47.616105, -122.341777

__Location - ClipCard (formerly OneOcean), 2201 Sixth Avenue Suite 1102 Seattle, WA 98121 USA __

If the front doors are locked, call Ryan Small @ 206-395-5541 .

Loose agenda:

  • @aaronr will bring special guest Claire Hofius who has been doing a short internship to process and publish local (Langley WA) geo-data to GitHub as GeoJSON.
  • Everyone (@cugos) - Let’s talk about FOSS4G 2014 in PDX and how we can help and what presentations people might do

  • @githubuser description to come…
  • @cliffordsnow Importing the rest of King County Addresses into OSM using HOTs Tasking Manager. With a short demo.
  • @pkeum - Talk about potential idea of CUGOS presence (group workshop/presentations) at WAURISA conf may 12-14, 2014
  • Brian Dorsey and Benson Kalahar - They will talk to us about experience of using RC planes and quadcopters and generating mapping data.
  • @svmatthews wants to show some crazy CSS3 animations in respect to the potential CUGOS branding exercise.
  • Paul and @pkeum briefly talk about adding geojson as additional format to KC Data portal


Meeting Notes:

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