CUGOS talking at UW Certificate Program

28 Apr 2014

Event Details:

The event runs from 6-9pm and we’ll be meeting at UW Smith Hall - Sherman Lab RM 401

Meet little after 5pm at Cafe Solstice (4116 University Way NE) and walk over there together (will start walking around 5:40pm)

This comment came from the instructor: “The students are looking forward to hearing about OS tools. They have asked a few questions during the program, such as; has it become any easier to implement OS without huge development?, what skills are most needed to start using and implementing OS GIS tools?…”

Tentative Schedule:

Aiming for 2 hours plus change.

  • (10 mins) @pkeum PeterK - Quick Introduction of speakers and CUGOS. Using Open Source tools to display KC Combined Sewer Overflow data.
  • (15 minutes) @aaronr will talk about being an Open Source GIS developer, working with NOAA as an example, and lay down some advice. slides -
  • (15 minutes) @mattmakesmaps will talk about the OpenStreetMap project, how people are using the data, and how to contribute. Slides
  • (15 minutes) @lagerratrobe will talk about using open source tools at different jobs; why use them, and which have been the most useful.
  • (15 minutes) @svmatthews plans to talk about taking your data to the internet starting with simple leaflet maps to a brief on D3.js slides
  • (until end of session - ~20-30 minutes) @mpgerlek (moderator) Panel discussion on Open Source GIS, OSGeo, Jobs, and Q/A with students

Code of Conduct

CUGOS strives to be an inclusive community for anyone interested in open source geography. Before attending our meetings, please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct.


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