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Next CUGOS meeting: June 18th 2014, 6pm - ClipCard


Upcoming Events

CUGOS talking at UW Certificate Program

28 Apr 2014
5+ CUGOS members talk to UW Cert program students

OSM Fall Editathon

19 Oct 2013
Let's clean up Tigers

Latest Blogs

CUGOS Fall Fling Recap

24 Oct 2013
Notes from the CUGOS Fall Fling

CUGOS Meeting, June 19, 2013

19 Jun 2013
Notes from Michael Rosen from June 19th 2013 CUGOS meeting

Latest Projects

Migrate CUGOS website to Jekyll on GitPages

Migrating the CUGOS website to GitPages on GitHub with Jekyll


Projection Finder project used for code sprints with CUGOS

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