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Next CUGOS meeting: CANCELLED - October 19th, 2016, 6pm - Anderson Hall, UW

The Cascadia chapter of OSGeo is focused on learning and teaching about open data, maps, and spatial applications. We like code and good conversation.

We’re a group of developers, GIS specialists, designers, and geographers all gathering under one roof in the name of maps. CUGOS is the official Cascadia chapter of OSGeo. We are active in the spatial community because we believe in the power maps and data hold, and enjoy exploring their interaction from every perspective.

We meet regularly on the third wednesday of every month and irregularly on Thursdays at different locations. If you’re interested in participating in our community, join the Google group and please send a message to hello@cugos.org. CUGOS has its own IRC channel hosted on Freenode. You can connect to our channel #cugos. If you’re new to IRC, there’s a neat web client so you don’t have to download any software.

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Maptime Seattle

CUGOS is the proud parent of Maptime Seattle, the local branch of the international Maptime community devoted to teaching and learning of new mapping technologies. The #MaptimeSEA meetings are offset from CUGOS meetings on the first wednesday of every month. The tutorials are fully focused on beginners and ensure that no person is left behind. Check them out at @MaptimeSEA or on their meetup page.

##Public Write-board

Apart from general chitter chatter on our IRC channel, you can find more substantial posts and tid-bits at our Google group, Cascadia Users of Geospatial Open Source. Here you’ll find questions about projects, conference updates, sidecar meetings, and job postings.

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